Money Maker Class

Booty poppin' workouts done with your badass gang
Striving to achieve your goals while dreaming of attaining a juicy derrière?
The Money Maker Class is for you. Our high-energy sessions are dedicated solely to sculpting and defining a beautiful backside (AKA your money maker). We’ll move to the beat while alternating between exercises that lift your booty and tone your legs, to cardio sprints that will take your heart rate to the next level.



With every drop of sweat (and trust us, they’ll be more than just a few), stress is released and strength is built. We promise, you will leave class dripping in sweat and feeling like a bad a$$ bitch.
You can thank us later. 




Find out when the next Money Maker Class is taking place


Thursday, April 16 at 7PM - 397 Alexander st.