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Brooke + Marisa have gained a following in Vancouver through years of teaching in the boutique fitness industry. 


Money Maker Love

Your workout this morning was amazing!! Bless you both for doing these workouts. You both and these workouts are keeping us going and staying positive as well as in shape! Thank you ❤️


Thank you for offering fun, kick-ass workouts that are inspiring and non-intimidating...there are SO many online workouts (thankful for this), but your Money Maker classes are uplifting with so much positivity, laughter and fun energy. THANK YOU! You are all beautiful & amazing beings 💥💥

Michelle Myring

I truly love doing your workouts!! I am a fitness junkie and not only do you ladies always challenge me to work harder and push a little more, you also make it an enjoyable fun workout. Your work ethic motivates me to be better!

Amara K

Thank you both SO much for the ass and abs class. I can’t tell you how much I miss the motivation and encouragement you two provide and today made life feel a bit more “normal”. I will definitely be signing up for your classes weekly, anything I can do to support local bad ass women I’m down for! THANK YOU BOTH!

Carolin Liebich

Great workout! That was soooo good and I especially loved the mix of short bursts of cardio and toning exercises for upper and lower body and incorporation of the bands through out it all. AMAZING!!! So good for the body and totally needed that for my sanity staying at home with the kiddos trying to be a pretend teacher, Thank you ladies and have a great rest of your week!

Jeanette Lum

Thank you for a killer class!! I am in awe of your power, strength and beauty! Thank you for the modifications- such an incredible class - wow💥🤛🏾!

Prachi Zimmerman

I totally wish I would’ve taken a before and after of doing your virtual classes. No joke, they have completely transformed my bum and abs! 🍑

Ashley Garnot 

Not gonna lie it’s one of the hardest workouts I’ve done. Lots of fun, great music, good laughs but you leave knowing you’re in for a few days of sore agony. (The good kind though) ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Nicole Sjostedt